Looking for lipsticks which are HALAL and safe to be consumed for MUSLIMS?

Non halal ingredients used in the make up and lipsticks always make you think twice and stopped you from using those cosmetics?

We will help you to find lipsticks which are safe to be consumed for muslim woman, produced in a muslim country and CERTIFIED HALAL by the authorized Islamic body


If you are muslim woman who are ...

Concern about the ingredients used in the cosmetics and lipsticks that your are using...

Looking for alternative make up and lipsticks which are halal and safe to be consumed...

Looking for alternative lipsticks which are leads free...



Fazi Abdul Latif

(Internet Entrepreneur,Malaysia)


Dear muslim sisters,

It has been very upset for me to find out about the ingredients mostly used in the make up, cosmetics and lipsticks currently available in the market. Most of them were made from non halal ingredients and even some of the lipsticks are not safe for our health. I have had experienced of using lipsticks which in the end changed my lips natural color into dark due to the leads content. This including over the counter lipsticks which were carrying well known brands. What are more surprising is to find out some of the main ingredients used in the lipsticks which are as follows :


halal lipstick check buttonPig’s Fat – Reason being is Pig’s fat is the only fat which does not melt at average body temperature while all other fats start melting. From the research done by the scientist, the pig’s fat does not melt on human body and lipstick manufactures have no option but to use it in their lipstick in order to help the lipstick stays on the lips.

halal lipstick check buttonAlcohol – Most of the lipsticks formula contains alcohol which is prohibited in Islam. Infact for certain individual, they will suffer some allergic reaction due to the alcohol content in the lipstick

halal lipstick check buttonBaby Placenta – some cosmetic producers used placenta as part of the ingredients in their cosmetics and lipstick products. Placenta is not only haram in Islam but also harmful to our health.

halal lipstick check buttonAnd many more other non halal ingredients

From the research done on the internet, I have found out the following suggestions as an alternative for the lipsticks :


  1. Wear vegan lipsticks and make up
  2. Wear lip gloss only and let the lips at its own natural color
  3. Not wearing any lipstick at all


However, I don’t think the above alternatives are the best solutions for me since...

  1. Even some vegan lipsticks contain alcohol
  2. I love wearing lipstick. Wearing lip gloss is not solving my problem anyway.
  3. I love to look prettier in front of my beloved husband. Not wearing lipstick is not a good suggestion for me.


Islam encourage us (muslimah) to beautify ourselves in front of our beloved husband as been said by ‘Abd al-Malik : “When ‘Awf ibn Muhallim al-Shaybani, one of the most highly respected leaders of the Arab nobility, married his daughter Umm Iyas to al-Harith ibn ‘Amr al-Kindi, she was made ready to be taken to the groom, then her mother Umamah came in to her, to advise her, and said: …. make sure that you smell good and look good; he should not see anything ugly in you, and he should not smell anything but a pleasant smell from you”


From the above it is very clear that it is our duty to beautify ourselves for our husband. Anyhow, look prettier does helps to increase our level of self confidence, don't you agree with me?


Your search ENDS here...

My search for halal lipsticks finally ends to a local (Malaysian) brand. And now your search ends here too! You dont have to look far anymore. You all can just stop searching. Stop Right Now!!! Because...

...there is a manufacturer for HALAL LIPSTICKS


Halal Lipsticks from Malaysia!

halal lipsticks


Why Our Lipsticks are Halal...?

 The facts that makes Halal Lipsticks are halal :

  • The cosmetics factory located in Islamic country - Malaysia
  • The factory is own 100% by the muslim
  • All the workers in management and operational site also 100% muslims
  • The source of producing the cosmetics and lipsticks, taken from the plants base and halal source. Declarations and written confirmations were required from the supplier for every raw materials supplied

It also strictly adheres to the Islamic procedures of handling and processing techniques in the production of Halal cosmestics, which has been certified by Islamic Development Department from Malaysia - also known as Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)

“The inspections to the laboratory and factory are made by these departments each and every year to keep the halal status always up to standard procedures all the time.”

I am very excited to introduce and offer this fine quality halal lipsticks for you to try on. The choice of colors available, the feeling of confidence knowing the ingredients used are halal and permitted in Islam and yet my lips stay moist, and never dry through out the day.

You might be wondering what are the main ingredients in this V2 Halal Lipsticks :

  1. Pure Goat’s Milk - Goat's milk contains enzyme, vitamins and nourishment to maintain healthy and beautiful lips. It is a natural moisturiser to balance the lip's moisture for supple and smooth lips.
  2. Aloe Vera – to helps lips stay supple and smooth and acting as moisturizer. Aloe vera has been used as one of the main ingredients in the V2 Halal Lipstick since it is well known for it’s benefits as soothing properties and help the lips to stay moist.
  3. Vitamin E – acting as anti oxidant to helps your lips stays healthy, preventing wrinkles and from dry off so that your lips will feel comfortable through out the day whilst wearing the the V2 halal lipstick.


Reasons why you should choose halal lipsticks

halal lipstick check button2
Halal ingredients – the ingredients used are halal, permitted in Islam and safe to be consumed by muslim
halal lipstick check button2
Mixture of aloe vera and goats milk have been used as replacement for Pig’s gelatine
halal lipstick check button2
Vitamin E is acting as anti oxidant as well as to protect the lips from dry off and  free from wrinkle.
halal lipstick check button2
100% muslim products , produced in a muslim country and all the factory employees are muslim
halal lipstick check button2
Certified Halal by Jakim (Islamic Development Department of Malaysia) – the ingredients used are permitted by Islamic law and safe to be consumed by muslims.  Application for halal approval requires all documents in regards to the ingredients used must be submitted and revealed, followed by inspection at the manufacturer’s factory
halal lipstick check button2
Long lasting – with just one application, the lipstick color stays on your lips for up to  3 times meals taken

Well, actually the above are not the only reasons why you should choose Halal Lipsticks. Halal Lipsticks are the best choice for muslims for the following additional reasons :


halal lipstick check button2
Produced by manufacturer with GMP Status (Good Manufacturing Practice)
halal lipstick check button2
Affordable price – just compare the price of these halal lipstick with over the counter lipsticks. They are much more expensive despite the non halal ingredients used!
halal lipstick check button2
You will have a much better confidence in wearing lipsticks thus will promote better health
halal lipstick check button2
Available in varieties of colours for you to choose
halal lipstick check button2
Helps the alternatif halal product to build a much better Islamic community worldwide
halal lipstick check button2
and many more…


After all of the above reasons don’t you think that it is the time for you to switch to halal lipstick instead of over the counter lipsticks?

Wait no more! Choose halal cosmetics! Choose halal lipstick now!


halal lipstick special offer

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Our Money Back Guarantee!

halal lipstick money back guarantee

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On top of that, you can keep the free bonus gift as our appreciation of giving " Halal Lipstick " a try! That's our ironclad guarantee on how confident we are that this V2 Halal Lipsticks are the best alternative halal lipstick for you as a muslim.

Order Process: Simple Step 1-2-3 process

Step 1 : Click on "Add To Cart " button for every color of V2 halal lipstick that you would like to purchase

Step 2 : You will then be directed to the paypal shopping cart. Please check your order and the quantity of halal lipstick. Followed by click on "Continue shopping" if you want to purchase other colors of V2 halal lipsticks or click on "Proceed to checkout" to complete your order

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Note : for LG-12 (Natural color halal lipstick) - the lipstick color is natural color which later will turn your lips into soft red or pink depending on your body's temperature and blood


We accept payment by Paypal only

Please contact us if you would like to have other type of payment method

Delivery Period

Countries / Location
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UK, European Countries, Russia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Japan
Max 2 weeks from the shipping date
USA, Canada & Rest of the world
Max 3 weeks from the shipping date

Still sceptical? Let me tell you that I'm not here to sell you the halal lipsticks only. But as a muslim I believe it is my duty to share and to help muslim sisters like you to have a better option and better alternative for halal lipsticks. After all don't you think that you would feel much more comfortable by knowing what you apply onto your lips is made from the halal sources.

I will be changing the promotional price and remove the free gifts at any time soon. Act now! Buy Halal Lipstick now before I change my mind. Click the "Add to Cart" button above to start your purchase! Or...

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ps. Don't buy from me if you are not confident with what I have said. Contact me instead and let me know why. I would be happy to assist you.

pps. If all this while you have no other choice but to use the lipsticks with no halal certification, the choice is in you hand now! As a muslim this is the time for you to switch to halal lipsticks.

ppps. These halal lipsticks have been certified halal by Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM) - a well recognised Islamic Autorithy not only in Malaysia but had also gained trust and acknowledgement by other Islamic countries. With Halal JAKIM certification, there's nothing else need to be argued. V2 halal lipsticks are 100% halal!


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